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Ways to Kickstart Business Innovation

Realize that innovation can be simple.

We tend to think of innovation as a formal and complicated process, but it doesn't have to be. Innovation is just a fancy word for improvement and invention. When you come up with better packaging, find a supplier who will give you a better rate, or try out a new marketing idea, you are involved in innovation. 

Build innovation into your business routines.

  • Set aside an hour each week to think and exercise your creativity.

  • Build innovation into your business planning by setting goals that focus on improving products and processes. For example, one of your business goals might be to find and try out a new way to communicate with your customers.

  • Create an innovation action plan to implement your innovation goals.

Actively solicit suggestions for improvement of your business's processes and products.

  • Use both formal and informal methods to get customers to make suggestions for innovation, such as questionnaires, surveys, and casual one-on-one conversations.

  • Talk to your suppliers and see what suggestions for improvement they might have.

Involve staff in the innovation process.

  • Make problem solving a part of every staff meeting. For each meeting, for instance, you might set a question for discussion on a specific product or process that asks, "How can we improve...?" Publicize the topic of discussion a week ahead of time so people have time to think about it.

  • Have a suggestion box.

  • Reward staff for suggestions that are followed through on.

  • Talk to staff impromptu. Get out of your office if you have one and make personal visits to chat about how things are going.

  • Provide creativity/innovation workshops for staff.

Invest in innovation.

  • Invest in technology that improves your business operations and make your company more competitive. Information and communications technology are particularly worthwhile.

  • Invest in machinery and equipment that will allow you to make productivity improvements.

  • Invest in developing new products and services.

 Cultivate an innovation Mindset.

  • Continue to educate yourself about innovation by attending workshops, webinars, conferences, reading blogs and articles, etc.

  • Stay on top of developments, technological and otherwise, in your industry. If you're not a member, join at least one professional or industry organization and participate in its meetings and events.

The Key to Innovation Success: It's not enough to say that innovation is a priority; you have to actually work at it.