Upcoming events


Effective Curriculum Management & Delivery Strategy| GROBLESDAL

07-18-20198:00 am - 07-19-20191:00 pm

The course is an Intensive, Interactive, Participatory workshop with Skills Development and Intervention learning experiences for long-term, effective change. It is designed and delivered by Experienced Curriculum Management Experts and Leaders who have Mastered and Implemented the Topics they  present.

School Management Team who wish to Develop Confidence in their Curriculum Management Capabilities and who wish to project impact an Effective Curriculum Management Style should attend this seminar. For those who want to harness their current strengths in Curriculum Management and foster further critical skills, this course is A MUST!


Integrated Quality Management System Course| GROBLERSDAL

07-18-20198:00 am -3:00 pm

The purpose of this course look at the experiences, trainings, resources, benefits and challenges faced by schools in the implementation of the Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) in schools.

This course should specifically address issues relating to how the IQMS should be implemented in all schools.

All officials and educators must have a thorough understanding of the principles, processes and procedures.

Training must enable officials and educators to plan and administer this IQMS in a uniform and consistent manner.



Mentoring and Induction Seminar| CAPE TOWN

07-25-20198:00 am -3:00 pm

Mentoring is an effective approach for staff development in that mentors use their knowledge and experience to guide and teach others. Mentoring is an important aspect in leading improved outcomes for learners and improving the quality of teaching and learning and leadership in the school.

The aims of the seminar are firstly to determine from the literature, the nature of professional development and induction and secondly to determine the problems experienced and skills needed by Deputy Principals and Head of Departments. The third aim is to determine the extent of problems Deputy Principals experience and critical skills they need to perform optimally. The final aim is to develop an induction programme for the Professional Development of newly appointed Deputy Principals and Head of Departments.




Safety in Schools & the Law| CAPE TOWN

07-25-20198:30 am - 07-26-20191:00 pm
Schools are supposed to be safe places where effective Teaching and Learning can take place in an environment that is safe for learners, educators, and non-educators. However, if one considers the incidence of murder, violence, rape, sexual abuse and assault in schools reported by the media, the obvious question that comes to mind is: How safe are South African schools?
The purpose in this course is to
Determine the legal framework of safety in South African schools;
Examine the current situation with regard to school safety; and
Determine the right of learners to a safe school environment and the obligations of educators and governors to protect those rights.

Financial Management for School Leaders| CAPE TOWN

07-26-20198:00 am -3:30 pm
Financial Management Capacity of Principals & SGB course is designed to give Participants the necessary financial knowledge and skills in order to understand and Implement Financial Management Principles. These principles include the understanding of Financial statements and Legal issues, Planning, Controlling and Organizing. It also includes financial accounting.
This workshop will be delivered using a three-tiered approach. The structure of each session is as follows: Technical overview and review of research into the topic area under discussion; Practical application of management principles in the review of case studies; Discussion of outcomes and implementation problems

Advanced Skills For Admin Staff| POLOKWANE

08-01-20198:30 am - 08-02-20191:00 pm
Very often, secretaries and administrators are not told- they have one of the most, if not the most important job in school. They are being entrusted to hold fort, and single-handedly manage the day to day operations and tasks of the school’s leadership team.
Most of their day’s incorporate tasks which are ad hoc; but this training will mold them to understand that although there are many things in life that we are unable to control, or change, we still can manage our mind and how we cope with multitasks.
One of the challenges at work is poor mental conditioning. The mind is like a powerful engine which to be well oiled and constantly serviced. This training is designed to empower secretaries and administrators to realize that the transformation happens from within. We help them clarify their thoughts, focused better and help them operates at their optimum state.
In this course, you will learn to understand the importance accountability, secrets of dealing with people, telephone etiquette, time management and a host of management skills which improve their on-the-job performance.